The App

[feature icon="star-o" title="Who is this for?" color="1"]This App is a great tool for players, coaches, parents or anyone who loves tennis. Tennis Stats Pro gives you the possibility to improve your game by learning from the detailed statistics of each match.[/feature] [feature icon="bolt" title="What it does?" color="2"]This tool will not only help you to keep record of your matches, but also, and more importantly, Tennis Stats Pro will help you to clearly understand the strengths and weakness of each player by analyzing the statistics of the game.[/feature] [feature icon="gift" title="How does it work?" color="3"]Tennis Stats Pro will help you to keep record all of the characteristics, of each final shot, for each point throughout the match. With this information you will understand why you won or lost each individual point of the match.[/feature] [feature icon="code" title="How it will help me?" color="4"]By reviewing the statistics, you will understand the strengths and weaknesses of your game. With Tennis Stats Pro, you can view statistics at any time during the match and email it to whomever you want. For your convenience, a copy is automatically stored on your Android device.[/feature]

Why Choose Us?

We are focused in providing not just the best product for our customers but also we provide a great experience. Here is how:

[service icon="fire" title="Full Score tracking"]Track live the score of any tennis match.[/service][service icon="fire" title="Rules Assistance"]App will help you to know when a service change is needed, when to change sides in match and tie-breaks.[/service][service icon="check" title="Go back points"]If you made a mistake on entering the information of a point you can easily go back to correct the mistake.[/service][service icon="dashboard" title="Match chronometer"]You can pause and resume the match at any time and have the match duration on screen.[/service][service icon="fire" title="Final shot tracking"]App provides a complete set of characteristic to identify how the point was closed.[/service][service icon="check" title="Statistics"]You will be able to access to complete statistics for the match at any time during the match.[/service][service icon="dashboard" title="Share in Facebook"]Share your match stats and score with your friends through Facebook in just 2 touches[/service][service icon="fire" title="Share by email"]App provides the capability to share the history and stats of the match live by email.[/service][service icon="check" title="Point by Point history"]Historical record of point by point for the match that you can consult at any moment during the match[/service][service icon="dashboard" title="Multilingual app"] App will detect the language of your Android device and will provide the user interface (English, Spanish, Portugues).[/service]